The current Winter Band first entertained at the Daughter’s of Norway Solveig lodge in Burien for Julefest in 2013.  Since then, we’ve performed at many venues and  many occasions.  Here are some of the places we have entertained: 

The Nordic Museum: Julefest, yearly 

      Nordic museum:  Nordic American Voices “Clouds of War” program, 

      Nordic National Museum dedication ceremony 

       Nordic Museum’s Children’s Lucia Fest 

Syttende Mai celebration in Ballard:   

      Bergen’s Place Stage and Son’s of Norway Leif Erikson Lodge, yearly 

Nordic Heritage Festival, PLU, Tacoma, by Embla Daughters of Norway, yearly

Norway Day, Olympia, yearly 

Fall Nordic Fest by Embla lodge Daughter’s of Norway, Wedgwood,   yearly 

Daughter’s of Norway, Poulsbo, anniversary celebration 

Daughter’s of Norway Solveig Lodge, Burien Julefest, yearly 

Son’s of Norway Bremerton, anniversary celebration 

Scan Fest,  Pt. Townsend, Fall festival 

Nordmanslaget, Tacoma, Strawberry fest 

Brookdale Retirement home, holiday music, yearly 

Pandemic Music Pavilion, West Seattle – Covid Times:  Outdoor Music concerts every two weeks: 2020-21 

Various funerals, church, block party 

Daughters of Norway National Convention, Bremerton, August 2021

Gig Harbor Sister Cities Heritage Day,  December 2021

Skandia Midsommarfest, St. Edward Park Kenmore, 2022

Alki 64th Street Fair, August 2022

    We have performed at many interesting venues, but our most challenging and unique has been our Covid Concerts in the Pandemic Music Pavilion. During the pandemic all of our practices and concerts were held outside and with masks.  In the warm summer we practiced on our outside deck, entertaining our neighbors.  They would open their windows or peek over the fence to hear our music. They thanked us for brightening up their day.  When the weather got colder, we moved into our double car garage with the door open.  We dressed like we were going skiing with warm coats, gloves, caps etc.  We had a few propane heaters for warmth.  For ambiance, we decorated the garage walls with every tablecloth we could find.  We strung Christmas lights everywhere, laid out carpet on the floor, added a living room lamp and vase with flowers.  During our practices, people would stop and ask when we would be doing our next concert… So, we started giving concerts for the neighborhood every 2 weeks, rain or shine..    We had benches and chairs for the audience. People in cars would also honk or stop to listen.   Everyone seemed to appreciate some live music during Covid times when all live entertainment had been cancelled. Some people even danced in the street to our music. …  We spread joy and happiness through music in a very dark time.  It gave us great joy to bring lively, happy Scandinavian music to our quarantining community.  

     In 2016 part of the band spent the summer in Western Norway. They were invited to play at a concert. The sold out concert took place in a barn in the countryside.  There were journalists present and this event was reported in 4 newspapers.  The title was “Americans playing Norwegian music” at “Konsert på Myr Løda”.  It was a dream come true to be included in this event.  

Song Roster of “Gamle norske sanger” Old Norwegian Songs 

COME ADOLPHINA WALTZ – Chris,  accordion solo 

1. NID ELVEN –    Nid River stille og vakker du er.   (river that runs through Trondheim). 

2. FLATHOLMEN–  Søstrene fra Flatholmen  Fyr– Sisters from Flat Island lighthouse 

3. LØRDAGS VALSEN – Saturday’s Waltz 

4. I FINN SKOGEN – in the Finn Forrest (county in Norway) – waltz 

5. NORLANDSNETTER  (Northland’s Nights) 

7. KOSTER VALS       


9. LYKKE SKO – the lucky shoe tango 

11. BEKKEN GÅR I ENGEN –Children’s song 







18. DE NÆRE TING - the things that are close to your heart, by Arne Åsen 

19. MED EN ENKEL TULIPAN – With a single tulip -  waltz 





We also have 4 original songs composed by Harald Dyb,  Rolf Dyb and Tom Collier.  

24. SOMMERKVELD PÅ ROVDEFJORDEN  composed by Harald Dyb 

25. ASTRID URNHOLT JAKOBSEN – composed by Rolf Dyb, about a Norwegian Olympic skier 

26. WINTER WALTZ composed by Tom Collier, Professor Emeritus of Music, UW 

27. DANSETID composed by Tom Collier  

Christmas Songs/ Jule Musikk

1. Musevisa, 2. På Låven Sitter Nissen, 4. Jul Med den Glede, 5. Jeg er så Glad Hver Jule Kveld

6. Jingle Bells (Bjelle Klang) 7. Deck the Halls, 8. Glade Jul (Silent Night)

9. We Wish You a Merry Christmas 10. Så Går Vi Rundt om en Enerbærbusk

Winter Band members,  Lyle Leiser and Dusty Tea were long time members of Midnight Lies Band...a Rock n Roll Dance Band. 

Lyle Leiser and Chris Svehaug cofounded Whiskers & Honey Dance Band (Rock n Roll), which operated together for 6 years. Dusty Tea was also a member. 

Winter Band formed after founders Mike & Ruthi Winter stepped back from Community Orchestra work...and answered the call to play the family music.